Turn your Property Managers into small tenant retention specialists


Think about it. Your property managers are your feet on the street. They are uniquely positioned to identify signs of an at-risk small tenant long before it becomes a rent payment or renewal issue. With the proper training, property managers can help decrease defaults, increase renewals, increase tenant satisfaction and build goodwill for your brand!

Tenant Mentorship will be rolling out a series of Property Manager training opportunities in 2015. Training will be available via webinar, live classes and custom programs designed specifically for your company.

Training topics include:
The importance of small shops to a shopping center
A case for saving small tenants and the property manager’s role

Understanding small retail
Trends and opportunities
Why retailers struggle or fail
The emotions of small business ownership

Learning to evaluate retail by the numbers
Business plans
Monthly sales
Key Performance Indicators

Using data to identify the early signs of tenant distress
Easy-to-use tenant evaluation program

The Do’s and Don’ts of working with small tenants
Tools to overcome frustrations in dealing with tenants.
What a small tenant really wants from you – and how to give it.

How to address common retailer complaints

Can/should this tenant be saved? (Case studies)

Call or email for additional information on how your property managers can participate in this training. (It’s great information for leasing agents, too!)

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