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No matter where you are in the business life cycle – from start up to celebrating a milestone anniversary, our programs provide ideas and advice to help you grow small, grow smart and create the type of best-in-class operation you’ve always imagined!

It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to bring your business to the next level! We squeeze a lot of creativity and imagination into Growing Small programs and offer a variety of ways to participate that best suit your time and budget. Choose from informative webinars, interactive teleclasses, or you can go for the big guns, individual mentorship programs in which we dig deep into your business and create an easy-implement and sustainable plan for success designed just for you.  Whichever option you choose, you are guaranteed to come away with valuable ideas to increase traffic, sales and profitability.

Retail Re-boot Webinar Series
Learn how to identify your real business issues and create a 90-strategy for moving forward based on the 3 key principals of success – manage, market and measure
Fee: $599
            4 one-hour live webinars
4 one-hour group phone consultations
            Growing Small Ebook and worksheet

Start Up Boot Camp Webinar Series
If you haven’t started your business yet, this is a great time to NOT make some common mistakes and position yourself for a truly solid start. The 16 absolute essential mistakes you need to avoid plus tips on how to create a concept and set your business up for success from day one!
Fee: $599
            4 one-hour live webinars
            4 one-hour group phone consultations
            Growing Small Ebook and worksheet

Restaurant Wars and How to Win Them Boot Camp Webinar Series
Owning an independent restaurant has its own special set of challenges and opportunities.
This series will help you create success strategies for everything from customer service to
cost control to creating an unforgettable customer experience.
Fee: $599
            4 one-hour live webinars
4 one-hour group phone consultations
            Growing Small Ebook and worksheet

Power Breakfast Series
Get a dose of motivation, inspiration and education twice each month during
these fast-paced group conference calls.
Fee: $299 for 3 months (6 calls)
            Growing Small Ebook and worksheet

Quick Start Consultation
An in-depth guided consultation to assess your current business situation, identify key issues and discuss solutions. Participants will be asked to complete a background questionnaire prior to a two-hour call and receive a recap of recommendations afterwards.            
Fee: $649

Guided business plan coaching
Four weeks of phone consultations to help you create a practical, realistic and managable business plan that will set your business up for success.
Fee: $2000

Business plan or concept evaluation
Call for a free 30 minute consultation and pricing

One on One Consulting
3, 6 and 12 Month Programs
We'll get right to the heart of your issues starting with a comprehensive assessment. We work with you one-on-one to carefully evaluate skills, needs and resources. We then create a customized strategic plan of innovative solutions and coach you through the implementation to insure you hit key milestones on your path to business success.

These interactive consultations cover techniques for growing business through:
  • New customer acquisition/customer loyalty
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators
  • Database collection/email marketing
  • Integrating technology as a marketing strategy - Internet, Mobile, Social Media, Daily Deal Marketing
  • Retail Marketing Consultant
  • Product strategies
  • Long tail opportunities
  • Retail fundamentals
  • Collaborative marketing
  • Customer service
  • Do-it-yourself public relations/promotion
  • Strategic alliances
  • Effective management skills
  • Brand building

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