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A NEXUS Moment from a true disruptor

Angel Cicerone - Tuesday, January 17, 2017

For those of you who were not able to attend the ICSC NEXUS conference in 
Boca Raton last week, 
you missed a moment. Don’t get me wrong. The entire 
conference was great; the information 
was valuable, the mood was energetic and 
the attendees were top notch. 
(Great job Lee Schaffler and team 
for making this first time conference a winner!)

But there was one moment.

And it came in the last minutes of the last day of the conference. The speaker 
was Jeffery Sears, 
Chairman and Co-founder of Pirch, the high-end kitchen a 
bath store that is, arguably, one of the 
most exciting new retail concepts to come 
around in a while. (Just a heads up, I might be a 
bit biased because I worship at 
his retail altar.)

At the end of his inspiring talk, Jeffery drove it all home when he summarized his 
philosophy in a single word message wrapped in a big red bow. 
And that 
word was HUMANITY.

Humanity is about making customers feel special and making employees feel important. 
If you operate at the intersection of love and respect, he said, you will take care of 
people’s hearts. 
Take care of their hearts and their brains will follow. Humanity.

Sears also said, “Having someone walk through your door is a privilege.” As someone 
who works with 
small retailers every day, many of whom believe traffic and loyalty is an 
entitlement, I intend to use his words every day when working with these owners who 
will hopefully, when they hear them, have a moment as well. 

I am proud to have been a speaker at this conference and hope to see you at NEXUS next year. 

Best Regards,
Angel Cicerone

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