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Retail Tenant Retention

What We Do

Small tenant retention.

When is it time to make their business your business?

Independent retail stores, especially first time ventures, are notoriously difficult to grow and sustain. Lack of experience and capital can render a new business dark before the ink on the lease is even dry.

It’s frustrating for property owners who know most of these tenants could, and should, be doing better.  How and when do you effectively help struggling, marginal and new small shops?  

That’s where Tenant Mentorship comes in. We took the idea of helping small tenants and turned it into an innovative platform that allows landlords to proactively provide the help necessary to improve small tenant performance and retention.

Keeping small shops open helps owners decrease vacancies, increase renewals and offers a distinctive, competitive edge in attracting new business.

We can:

  • Nurture the struggling tenant back to health and market- rent paying status
  • Boost the profitable tenant into expansion
  • Successfully launch new tenants with improved chance of success
  • Help avoid leasing to marginal tenants

Yes, it works.

Tenant Mentorship’s one- on- one counseling programs have helped independent retailers in almost every category of business across the country. From small restaurants to single unit franchise owners, dry cleaners to dress stores, we are transforming small business into strong business.

Nearly 70 percent of our program participants increase monthly revenues by 10 percent or more in a typical 90-day program. Of that group, the majority achieve sales increases well over 20 percent. Here are just a few of our Success Stories click here.

It doesn'’t stop with Tenant Mentorship counseling. We also create tenant assistance programs and offer other services that help owners and managers improve small tenant retention and center profitability. Click here to see a complete list of programs and services.

Why it works

Tenant Mentorship’s unique approach to tenant retention works! Why?

  • Powerful and practical training methods
  • Custom prepared strategy for each tenant
  • New economy business growth, retail and marketing techniques
  • Accountability
  • Compassion

Small shops owner generally have few skills and even fewer resources. We create innovate programs that help them succeed. They become accountable for their own success and grateful for the personalized attention they receive.

Tenant Mentorship focuses solely on small shop retention. Whether you hire us to work with one tenant, a shopping center, or your entire portfolio, we can help keep your shopping centers full of sustainable, profitable, happy businesses. To learn more, contact us today.

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