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How can we help improve your small tenant retention?

Tenant Mentorship offers proactive programs for improving small shop performance. Far less expensive than rent relief or new tenant acquisition, Tenant Mentorship programs provide the tools for sustainable success for tenants who are:

  • Struggling or on rent relief
  • Near renewal
  • At launch
  • Ready for expansion

Choose one of our existing programs or let us customize a plan specifically suited to your tenant mix and shopping center needs.

Tenant Mentorship Consulting

We work with tenants one-on-one to carefully evaluate their skills, needs and resources. We then create a customized plan of innovative solutions and coach them through the implementation to insure they hit key milestones on their path to business success. The process is measurable, allowing the tenant and the owner to monitor results. A typical engagement lasts between 3 and 6 months.

These interactive consultations cover techniques for growing business through:

  • New customer acquisition/customer loyalty
  • Technology and social media strategies
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators
  • Product/inventory/purchasing strategies
  • Customer service
  • Do-it-yourself public relations/promotion
  • Management skills
  • Strategic alliances
  • Brand building

Tenant Assistance Programs

Let us design a complete and customized program to increase small tenant retention for a single shopping center or your entire portfolio, including:

  • Creation of at-risk tenant profile/small tenant retention metrics
  • Secret shopping services
  • Tenant audits
  • Diffusing toxic tenants
  • Leasing and Property Manager Training

Pre Lease Audits/New Tenant Launch

One of the best ways to avoid small tenant fallout is to lease to better prepared tenants. Tenant Mentorship can provide recommendations and support before a lease is signed then mentor the new business to a more successful and sustainable launch. We use our own proprietary metrics to predict a tenant's chance for success.

Leasing and Property Manager Training

It's important to involve your own staff to assist in small tenant retention. To help, we offer several important training programs:

Property Manager Training
How to spot the early warning signs of a tenant in distress (and what to do about it.)
Leasing Agent Training
Things to know about a tenant before you sign that lease!

Shopping Center Marketing

All too often, shopping center marketing strategies are focused more on traffic generation than business building. Let us help you create small tenant- friendly marketing plans and train your small shops how to turn promotions into measurable sales.

Group Webinars and Seminars

We can arrange on site seminars and webinar training programs for larger groups of retailers on existing or custom topics. Ask us how we can create a cost-effective training program for you.


Angel Cicerone is available for speaking engagements and provides an enlightening perspective on small retail success and the importance of a partnerships between landlord and retailer.

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