From faltering to fabulous in just 90 days

girls spa.jpg

This pink wonderland for girls was having trouble attracting new customers for its group party and single-client spa services. Despite a real “wow” factor, the spa experienced month after month of declining revenues.

The Challenges

  • The spa had no business development strategy

  • There was no process for tracking leads or lead followup

  • High prices limited the number of sales conversions

  • Staff was not trained in sales or upselling

  • Merchandise sales were weak

  • Limited Walk-in traffic was limited

The Plan

We helped the owner learn to maximize every opportunity, understanding that each customer was an opportunity for an upsell or repeat business and each lead was a potential customer. That meant creating a sales culture as well as an overall new business development plan. Due to financial struggles, we had little or no budget for this undertaking.

Our plan included:

  • Learning to utilize POS software to better understand and analyze sales

  • Training staff to properly input sales and customer contact data into the system

  • Developing  lower priced party packages

  • Implementing a sales training program

  • Creating  more kid-friendly merchandise display to maximize impulse purchases

  • Developing regular communication and customer loyalty programs

  • Adding additional profit centers and revenue opportunities

  • Developing an annual in-store promotional calendar and implementation schedule

The Results

The client worked hard to implement this plan and after seeing the results, stays motivated to continue to grow her business. While tripling revenue over a three month period was an extraordinary outcome, creating the infrastructure to maintain that growth was equally as important. Several key outcomes of the program included:

  • Booking five of the lower priced party package within weeks of posting it on the website

  • Creating party add-on’s (i.e. photography, invitations, food, etc.) that helped increase revenue from the lower priced parties to nearly that of the regular-priced offering.

  • Doubling the customer email database and growing the store’s VIP card program by 200 percent.

  • Increasing  merchandise sales by 240 percent in 3 months

The client is now beginning her referral and promotional program and continues to add additional revenue streams to further increase traffic and sales.