Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge during the ICSC Nexus conference. Providing support / education to the small retailers in the industry is so important. You added great value to all who attended your session.
— Kenneth S. Lamy, CRX President, The Lamy Group

What our tenant and
landlord clients are saying


Angel, this was a fabulous session. I left excited about the idea of teaming with our tenants for success

Nielle M. Lott 
Ziff Properties, Inc. 

The Tenant Mentorship was the best experience for myself as a small business owner. I was given an eye opening look into my operations, finance and customer’s perception of my business. This experience helped make my company more successful, better organized and more profitable. I strongly endorse the Tenant Mentorship program for any business owner.

Steven Ashworth
Ashworth Artisan Chocolate

The Tenant Mentorship program was very beneficial for our family-owned and operated business.  Angel provided motivation to reach outside of our comfort zone and gave us an extra push to perform tasks to help increase sales.  The tools continue to help us stay on track and keep our business thriving.  

Colleen Brashear
Original Pancake House

Your presentation was extremely informative – I could not take enough notes – the ideas kept popping into my head. Thanks for a wonderful presentation

Cathy Lex
Butler Enterprises


The results were significant. We achieved break even within the first six months of operations and continue to grow revenues by 20% each month during our first year of operations. I don’t believe we would have achieved such significant results with Angel’s leadership and guidance.

Skip Plesnarski
Eighteen Eight Fine Men’s Salons -

Angel takes on a new tenant assignment as if they were a family member struggling and has an unbelievable determination to make them successful.

In the past I have found troubled tenants fail to recognize the reality they are not serving the customer the product and providing the service desired by the customer.  It really takes a strong third party to break through this.  Angel is that person.

Max Holderby
General Manager

It was a pleasure having you in our office.   We appreciate the insights you were able share with our Team.   The confidence level and knowledge increased ten-fold.

Kristi Rankin
Senior Vice President
IRC Retail Centers

As first time business owners there are many things you need to do to set up your new business.  It can be very overwhelming and you constantly wonder how you can improve your business strategy.  Participation in this program helped fine tune our strategy,  develop new ideas, and stay focused.  

Craig Allemeier