New profit center, consistent marketing result in 80% sales increase

The Backstory
After moving to a new location, this 5 year-old business continued to rely on holiday and summer revenue  to fund business. Unfortunately, these peak times were  not profitable. The owner did not like dealing with the financial aspects of her business and had limited business skills. Her operation was beautifully laid out and she did have an email database and website and VIP card program in place. Her goals for the program were to begin taking a salary and build her business to sustainability in all seasons, days and day parts.

The Challenges
The store had never generated enough revenue to pay the owner a salary. She was willing to accept the seasonal irregularities of her business because she didn’t understand  marketing. Aside from the walk-in paint –on- pottery service and one monthly promotion, she had never marketing or considered adding additional profit centers and niches to her business mix. Owner needed to think bigger and understand the opportunities available to her

The Plan

• Teach owner management and marketing skills

• Learn to pull, understand and analyze reports from POS software

• Develop  and promote various new profit centers,  including group parties
  for children and adults

• Upgrade format and frequency of monthly newsletter

• Capture walk- in information

• Create and implement an annual marketing plan

• Create and implement a charitable fundraising formatted program and market

Create a sustainable marketing/outreach program, including:

• A more compelling marketing message

• An in-store promotional schedule designed to attract new clients

• A monthly newsletter program for client communication/loyalty                

• A new customer welcome package

The Results

• Increased revenue by 30% year-over -year within 60 days and continued to  
  sales by an average of 60% monthly including one month that represented the  
  highest revenue in the company’s history.

• Began booking parties at a rate of approximately 6 per month.