Think about that one underperforming center.
I’m sure you’d rather not, but just for a second, think about that center.

You know the one I’m talking about:

  • Lots of small shops and independently owned restaurants that just aren’t cutting it

  • Lots of whining and complaining from tenants

  • Poor rent health ratios

  • Rent relief requests

You know the one.
These centers are always a challenge but before you start investing in re-tenanting, high-ticket marketing programs or even worse, doing nothing, consider this opportunity to improve tenant performance!
It’s called POWERTRAIN, an easy and affordable program designed to do some serious tenant turnaround!

POWERTRAIN is an annual program, with webinar or in-person sessions delivered monthly. This isn’t theoretical or pie-in-the sky programming! POWERTRAIN provides proven – and measurable - education and recommendations that help tenants create holistic and sustainable success. Plus, it offers the added benefits of:

  • Follow up discussions and feedback 

  • Capitalizing on the “group think” dynamic, allowing tenants to help each other reach not just their individual goals, but achieve the common goal of center-wide success

  • Training delivered at a level on which participants cannot only understand, but actually implement!

After a nearly a decade of working with struggling retail and restaurants on behalf of the country's largest landlords, I know exactly what they need to move their businesses forward and POWERTRAIN delivers!

Think of it like bringing in a team of expert consultants combined with the benefits of peer group mastermind – without the price tag.
Providing education and resources to locally-owned business is an almost guaranteed method of improving their chance of success. And Q2 is a great time to start POWERTRAIN to get tenants geared up and ready to roll in time to maximize opportunities for the all important, sales-rich second half of the year!
If you’re interested in learning how to increase tenant performance and decrease the complaining, email me today!