Elevating the lowly sandwich board!

A lot of my shopping center owner and manager clients no longer allow sandwich boards in their centers for  reasons from they ranging from they look unsightly to they pose a potential tripping hazard.

If you're against sandwich boards, I'm going to ask you to rethink that policy, especially as they pertain to your small shop tenants.  Sandwich boards, are perhaps, one of the most underrated forms of promotion. On a practical note, they define a store's outdoor space and quite literally, stop people in their tracks. Be even more importantly, a fun sandwich board is a great way to entertain and engage potential customers for free!

Case and point. I walked by a restaurant last week that had a really fun sandwich board pictured here. The manager, who took great pride in her sandwich board program, saw me reading it, came out to talk to me, invited me in to see the restaurant and bam, before you know it I’m  looking at the menu and making plans to come back for dinner later in the week. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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